• Catamaran Turquoise 56' - Marquise Fountaine Pajot - 17m50 - 8 personnes, 4 cabines double...
  • Les Seychelles, un monde aquatique au mille couleurs.
  • Les Seychelles, des paysages uniques
  • Les Seychelles, la nature à l'état pur
  • Les Seychelles, maginifique faune et flore
  • Découvrir les Seychelles en catamaran
  • Découvrir les Seychelles en catamaran
  • Découvrir les Seychelles en catamaran
  • Découvrir les Seychelles en catamaran
The boat exclusively for you 4500 € the week : Catamaran POERAVA !


Discover paradise ... Cruises in Seychelles and Madagascar in catamaran with crew.

Luxury catamaran cruise with crew in Seychelles (Fred Moinet)

Welcome aboard our prestigious catamarans; chose the best way to discover the Seychelles. Discover one island per day, with magical anchorage. Admire the most beautiful landscapes in the Indian Ocean, that have made the Seychelles' reputation, but also little hidden creeks that will enchant you... Pure pristine nature.

This is an ideal family vacation, or a get-away with friends, for sailing, fishing or diving charters. Our polyvalent crew (skipper, cook, and hostess) will allow you to make the best of your cruise.

A trip making the best of water and land, you will be able to sail, snorkel, go scuba diving, deep-sea or fly fishing...

Fred Moinet, your skipper on Turquoise !

A professional skipper with the BPPV certification (Sailing Skipper Certification,) diving teacher, Instructor ULM; ocean guide with 20 years experience in the Indian Ocean as well as vast knowledge of the Seychelles marine life.

Fred loves sailing, deep sea diving, fishing and fly-fishing in the sea, and will be happy to introduce you to the Seychelles islands with their extraordinary marine life. His sensibility and know-how will guarantee you an unforgettable vacation..

Fred Moinet, your skipper !


Centre agréé SCUBA PRO aux Seychelles et à Madagascar
Center S.E.A.

Association Nationale des Moniteurs de Plongée

Rental boats in Seychelles and Madagascar

Catamaran "Turquoise", truly unique !

Cooking :

Would you like to experience exotic tastes and pleasures of the palette? Daniel, our Chef, will delight you with his many different recipes and his delicious Creole style fish dishes.

Diving :

Turquoise is a specially fitted diving Marquise. 18 new aluminum blocks, Scubapro diving equipment (jacket, regulators, octopus), many different masks, flippers, tubas, shorties' and wet-suits.

one 6m3/h and one 12 m3/h diving compressors, a 13.78 foot Bombard dingy, plus a 40 HP Yamaha.

Fred will share his enthusiasm with you while you discover the wealth and beauty of the Seychelles ocean grounds.

Turquoise, Marquise 56' Fountaine Pajot - 17m50    More info


Rental boats in Seychelles and Madagascar Location de bateaux aux Seychelles et Madagascar

Salt-water fly fishing :

Turquoise is equipped for big game fishing. Here it's all about passion, that Fred will be happy to share with you. Seychelles offer some of the most beautiful places in the world of fly fishing at sea.


Turquoise has both deep-sea and fly fishing equipment.

This is another of Fred's passions that he will gladly share with you.
The Seychelles Islands are the ultimate salt-water fly fishing sites in the world Safety on-board

- Communication : Iridium satellite, Inmarsat, Blu; automatic sarsat cospas radio beacon in case of emergency.The boat conforms to French NUC professional safety standards.

- Health issues : The Skipper has a medical 2 certification, and has a Type B first aid kit.

We have 2 normo bar oxygen therapy kits for divers.

Commercial Service in the REUNION Island

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Tel : 00 248 260 28 28 (Fred)

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